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What Sundays are good for

November 7, 2010

Besides the perfect day to start off my new (and may I say FABulous…or at least soon to be!) blog, Sunday is the day of the week I love to wake up to the chilled autumn dawn and cozy up with ginormous bowl of oats and a good book.  Ok, ok, so it may not be a book, usually a magazine of some sort or a blog…or twelve, but regardless you’ve got to give me props for reading in the a.m!   Sundays are slow days, made for reading, eating things you don’t have time to make on the other six days of the week, and making a permanent butt imprint on your couch.

Todays musings…

Good eats. My heart goes out to the girl who can make even the most simple breakfast look too pretty to NOT eat. Almond butter and chocolate? I. want. to. go. there.

via: Jen


the latest Tommy Ton slideshow. To DIE! Toommy and my mother constantly remind me to incorporate color into my wardrobe.






Anything made with flour, sugar and butter. There is major sweets inspiration floating around the house today. I feel it in my bones (those bones being my sweet teeth 🙂 hehe.) Another Halloween has come and gone, and my relentless sweet tooth is moving from reese's and sour skittles to a more sophisticated palate of mom's homemade ricotta cheese and italian lemon cookies. Oh now, lets not disregard my love for a simple cupcake. Nummy. These photos got me thinking I must bake SOMETHING before heading back off to NY tomorrow.

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