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the lumpy hump

November 12, 2010

Wednesday you can find me in my cave. Setting aside that I have an 8 am doozy of a math class, taught by a 68 year old ex-retiree, Wednesday is like totally the new Friday (said in my best valley girl voice) !  Setting aside that my roommate and I were blessed with what seems to be THE MOST awkward room in the entire building, we love our cave.  It becomes an oasis.  Aside from the far too often occasion that one of us falls out of our beds while reaching for the power cord 3 feet away, we pleasantly and calmly spend the day on our computers with soaps muffled in the backround of our beaming silence. The cave transforms us into complete bums.  I used to feel guilty about sitting in my bed for hours straight, catching up on past seasons of 30 Rock, but over the past several weeks, ive realized that this cave time is imperative to my mental health here at school. Nearly every morning I wake at 7 am  (I know what you’re thinking and no thats not a typo) and am on my feet until 9 pm, except for wednesdays.  Wednesdays I wake with a big ol grin knowing that I have the day to do whatever I want, whether that be visit friends on campus, go to the mall,  get my nails did, or just cacoon myself into my covers with a great movie.

Its usually the later, which is why this wednesday blew chunks. My allotted cave time turned into a full day of activity.

Instead of a whole day of this bliss

Heres whats happened…

Woke 6 am to register for next semesters classes, just to find out that my registration day is tomorrow.

Math class 8 am, got into a “tiff” with my teacher because shes stupid and doesnt know jack about math

9 am took last weeks math test that i missed becasue i was sick 😉   Its in the bag, i anticipate an A

11 am guitar lesson in the music wing, aka the sauna.  When I got up to leave at the end of the lesson, I had sweat through my is that even physically possible?!?

12 pm baby stepped my way through the cafeteria, cursing under my breath at the group of visiting seventh graders taking there grand old time perusing the plethora of congealed space food, our college insists on calling holistic and well balanced. HA

1 p.m. shove some sort of food in my mouth to give me enough satiety to keep me focused while beginning my 20 page retailing paper

1-3 nothing post worthy just lots of H-dubs and a paperrrrr ..mehh

3:30- 5:30 went to my new gym! I think i may be breaking some sort of law when that it was FUN! I love this new gym! I started off running in the “Cardio Cinema” (come on it even sounds cool) where I panted and watched Sunshine Cleaners….an intresting choice of film….people blowing their heads of isnt the most motivational thing to watch while trying to get through your last mile.  After the run my buddy Ar and I went to the Group Step class.  Today my tush is killing me.  But may I say it hurts so good 😉 Shout out to Mike Arteagas of Poughkeepsie

Later I sat in the caf with Ar for like hmm and hour and a half, making conversation about the various man-dates that were going on around us.  Disclaimer: if you want to see people doing/eating really interesting/funny/odd/disgusting things at the dinner table go to dinner at like 7:30.

Later I headed back to the cave and worked on my paper


I fell asleep at 9:30 and i dont feel guilty at all.  I blame it the cave and its sleepy ambiance.

So yesterdays hump day was a bit lumpy, and super tiring.  The exhaustion has carried over into today.  I napped twice today and got minimal work done. I guess the point I am trying to get across is that its ok to have lazy days and it may actually be beneficial.  I know for me who worked my butt off throughout  high school,  it was hard to adjust to college life where you have a butt load of free time.  Being presented with all of this time, I went on extracurricular overload.  Joining several clubs, choirs, teams, I worked myself to my limit and it backlashed when I found that I had lost myself and my true passions in the midst of all the hustle.  This year I’ve been teaching myself to take it slow, and not think so much about what I should be doing and more about what I want to be doing, even if that means spending 4 hours watching a House Hunters marathon.

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